Rwanda dental students association is a non- profit regionally registered organization founded in 2016 by dental students studying in the school of dentistry, college of medicine and health science at UNIVERSITY OF RWANDA.

RDSA is a member of international association of dental students (

We  are students devoted to participate and initiate the programs whose aim is to promote the interests of dental students and the community, promote contact and co-operation among dental students both within institution and externally, including at local and international level, promoting and facilitating a profession and scientific research exchange, there by sensitizing them to other cultures and societies.

Our vision is to be a map for everyone to oral health status improvement and we will be the eyes for all in promoting oral health status by fighting against dental caries, periodontal diseases and oral cancer. We are able to spend as much as possible to improve oral hygiene in every population located both in local and urban areas.

Despite the journey we want to start, the dynamic environment of Rwandan population requires also a dynamic strategy to sustain the oral health hygiene mindset and practical ability in the community as well as increasing these skills.


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